We take a moment to look back on the last few decades, innovations in all realms of society have occurred at a pretty fast rate. Contemporary life is often defined by such astonishing progression, and we continue to rely on these advancements more and more.

One particular field that has experienced many changes over the past ten, fifteen, or even fifty years, is dentistry. Dental clinics have become brighter and more welcoming, the equipment has become more powerful and efficient, and treatments have become more streamlined and adaptable to address patients’ many dental needs.

More specifically, dental implants as a means of restoring one’s smile is not a new treatment, but one that has been around for a while. However, these prosthetics have certainly evolved to serve patients better and help them maintain good oral health for an extended period.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are custom-made devices that are recommended for patients who are dealing with missing teeth and unnatural gaps in their smiles.

Three distinct pieces make up a single dental implant: the screw, the abutment or connecting piece, and the artificial tooth. The screw itself is installed directly into your jawbone. Over time, the two will fuse together, meaning that you won’t have to worry about it ever slipping out of place.

Typically, receiving dental implants requires at least two separate surgeries: one to place the screw and the abutment and another to install the artificial tooth. You’ll need time for your mouth to heal in between each appointment.

Early Days

Jumping way back through history, it’s been discovered that the Mayans, who lived during 600 A.D., utilized pieces of stone and seashells to replace missing teeth. Miraculously, these objects did indeed fuse with their bones eventually, essentially restoring their smile to some degree.

It was in the 1950s that titanium was discovered to be a biocompatible material. This means that it could bond with living tissues without causing harm. Early experiments were conducted by fusing titanium with rabbit bones.

The Near-Past

Once titanium emerged onto the dental scene, its popularity exploded. Researchers manipulated the material in multiple ways and realized that it was most effective at restoring strength to one’s bones if it was reduced into a compact form – and hence, the dental implant was born.

The phenomenon of osseointegration became a staple of dental restoration.

Modern Dental Implants in Chilliwack

Today, several different types of dental implants are available to you including ceramic and other non-metal combinations. However, titanium is still the most frequently used material.

Compared to the devices created in the past, the dental implant itself hasn’t physically changed all that much, but the processes surrounding it have. The time it takes to fabricate and customize the implant, the minimal degree of invasiveness that it takes to place it in your mouth, and a patient’s recovery time have all been altered for the better. Furthermore, contemporary dental technology is faster and more accurate. As for the patients, they’re able to have the functionality and appearance of their smile fixed quicker than ever before.

When you come in to receive dental implant treatments from a dentist near you, you can have them installed anywhere in your mouth. Not to mention, they can be used to replace one or multiple teeth.

Dental implants are incorporated into other restorative treatments such as dentures and dental bridges. The implant screws help keep these prosthetics in place and provide support to your jaw and your mouth.

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