Everyone wants a bright, radiant, and confident smile that they can share with those around them. To achieve such a smile, individuals need to take their oral health into their own hands. Advancements in dentistry have also made it easier than ever for people to look after their teeth. In this article, our team at Eagle Landing Dental provides you with the top tips to keep your smile sparkling for years to come.

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

Perhaps the most important part of oral health near you, brushing your teeth twice a day, morning and night, does wonders for maintaining a healthy smile. Choose a toothbrush that is soft-bristled, so it does not irritate your gums. Brush for at least two minutes, moving in circular motions to remove the most plaque and food debris possible.

Remember to Floss

Our dentist in Chilliwack cannot emphasize enough the importance of flossing at least once a day. Make sure you go between each tooth and use a gentle, swaying motion to prevent gum irritation and successfully remove food debris from between your teeth.

Fluoride is Important

A lot of people have a misconception that fluoride is bad or dangerous. However, fluoride plays a huge role in the maintenance of oral health in Chilliwack. Fluoride is known to help prevent tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel. Fluoride is found in most drinking water, which naturally works to enhance your oral health. You should also ensure that you are using a fluoridated toothpaste for brushing. For children, only use a tiny amount of fluoridated toothpaste, about the size of a grain of rice, to keep their teeth healthy without compromising their health.

Rinse Your Mouth or Chew Gum After Each Meal

After each meal, rinsing out your mouth with an antibacterial wash could help prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. Chewing sugar-free gum can also be beneficial because it neutralizes acid and washes away harmful bacteria.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

The bacteria present in your mouth feed off sugary foods and create an acidic environment in your mouth, leading to tooth decay and cavities. Due to this, maintaining a balanced, healthy diet is essential. Ensure that you minimize your sugar intake and eat a diet that is plentiful in grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and dairy products.

Protect Your Mouth

If you regularly participate in sports, be proactive about protecting your teeth from injury. At Eagle Landing Dental, our dentist near you can provide you with a custom-made sports guard. This guard can be worn during sports and lower the impact that injuries have on your teeth.

Attend Regular Professional Dental Cleanings and Checkups

It is important to visit our dentist at Eagle Landing Dental at least once every six months for a professional dental cleaning and checkup. While regular brushing and flossing can do wonders for your oral health, it is not enough on its own to eliminate all the bacteria in your mouth and along your gum line. At a professional dental cleaning, our hygienist will use a scaler to reach all the areas of your mouth where plaque and tartar like to reside. Furthermore, our dentist will check your mouth for any early signs of oral health conditions and provide treatment so that you can maintain optimal oral health for years to come.

If you have not visited a dentist in the last six months, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic to book an appointment today!